Adding Tobacco to the Dollar Chain

Picture of pack of cigarettesIn this day and age consumers do every thing they can to save a dollar.  And shopping at a discount store, such as the 99-Cent or Dollar Tree makes sense.  In the next several months, Family Dollar, one of those discount chains, will start selling cigarettes and tobacco.  It’s all in the fight to grab more money from their low-income shoppers who use tobacco.

According to the president and Chief Operating Officer, the majority of Family Dollar customers are on a tight budget, and stressed.  Most earn $40,000 or less and are trying to make ends meet.  Research by Family Dollar also showed their customers spend more when it comes to tobacco products.

Customers on a limited income already have to make difficult decisions regarding monthly necessities.  In an attempt to help the customer make the most of their money the chain has added more packaged food, health and household items and plans on adding more refrigerator and freezers to provide frozen food, and milk and eggs at discounted prices.  These changes have been profitable for the chain.

Now they want to go one step further by adding tobacco to their stores.  This is their way of helping the stress level of their customer by having one-stop shopping for both discounted food and tobacco products.  Shoppers at Family Dollar have tight budgets already and the temptation of tobacco products will mean a choice between buying food and necessities or buying tobacco and decreasing what can be purchased to sustain the family.  The article doesn’t mention the price of the tobacco to be sold in the stores.

The article also mentioned that Leon Levine, the founder of Family Dollar and father of the current CEO donated $20 million towards the Levine Cancer Institute in North Carolina.  It’s nice to see the family and company is concerned about the health of its customers by contributing to the decline of their health by encouraging tobacco use and then providing care for them.

Read the entire article.

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