Child Labor & Tobacco

The cost of a pack of cigarettes has gone up.  In some places like New York City it now costs over $14.00 for a pack.  You know you should quit, because it is not good for your health, and because it costs you a lot of money each month.  While you are smoking that cigarette, have you ever thought about the human cost of growing and cultivating your tobacco?  Did you know:

– that the majority of tobacco is not cultivated in the U.S., but in developing countries?
– that children as young as 5 years old are working on tobacco farms to help provide income for their families?
– that while adults are paid minimum wage, children work 12 hour days and earn 17¢ per day?
– that about 80,000 children work illegally on farms in Malawi, a country in southeastern Africa?
– that many children suffer from Green Tobacco Sickness because they don’t wear protective clothing while working in tobacco fields?  They absorb up to 54 milligrams of nicotine a day, the same as smoking 50 cigarettes.
– that children absorbing that much nicotine have changes in their brains and experience behavioral changes?

If you smoke, the health of you and those around you is compromised.  And the health of children who are forced to work long days for almost no pay is compromised.  Seems like the tobacco companies are the only ones that are healthy.

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