Be My (Smoke-free) Valentine

holding handsIt’s Valentine’s Day!  Time to get your sweetheart some flowers, candy, balloons, or if you are more original, plan a special day-long event.   If you are looking for love and are a smoker, you may want to think seriously about quitting.  Three-quarters of the young people aged 18-24 who were surveyed by the UK Department of Health said smoking is one of the biggest turn-offs.

Dating websites in the UK appear to back up the findings from this report.   The percentage of people who would rather not be with a smoker range from 81% on the eHarmony UK site to over 67% on

A quick scan of an advice site/board here in the States, shows smoking appears to be the #1 deal breaker.  Most see smoking as an incompatible lifestyle with their own, from bad breathe caused by smoking to the smell on the clothes and in the car.  Respondents felt the habit of smoking was “dirty,” and they felt that smokers did not care about their own health, let alone the health of others around them.  One respondent described a light smoker as being “a little bit pregnant.”  You are either a smoker or you are not.

So, while some people can see past that fog of smoke to see the real you, why take a chance?  Quitting increases your dating chances, and gives you healthier years to be with that special someone.

Click here for the BBC News Health article.

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