Kick Butts Day 2012

The 17th annual Kick Butts Day 2012 will be here before you know it and there are so many activities you and your students can do to share the information about tobacco.   This day of activism will be held Wednesday, March 21, 2012 and encourages young people to speak up against Big Tobacco.  What a great way for students to bring awareness about tobacco and the problems caused by its use to their schools and to the community.

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Kick Butts Day 2012 site has activities for  elementary students through college-aged.  Activities range from making displays of what is really in tobacco and polling people regarding their attitude about tobacco, to something more elaborate like having a battle of the bands.  The site gives the time needed to set up the activity, what resources you will need, and possible cost estimates for your activity.  Register your event on the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Kick Butts Day site so they can promote it to local newspapers, radio and television stations.

Although Big Tobacco claims they do not market to our youth, internal documents  from the tobacco companies themselves prove otherwise.  The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids educates and empowers our youth about the tobacco companies and what using tobacco will do to your body, and hopes for “a future free of the death and disease caused by tobacco.”

Click here for Kick Butts Day link


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