It’s Not Smoking, It’s Just a Cigar

Kid Rock was seen over the weekend watching Travis Tritt at the Andiamo Celebrity Showroom in Warren, Michigan, a suburb outside of Detroit.   His presence at the venue isn’t the news, but it is what he was doing, or rather refusing to do, that has made the headlines.

Michigan has had a smoke-free law since 2010 in all workplaces, bars, and restaurants.  Certain businesses, such as cigar bars, tobacco specialty shops, and the gaming floors of Detroit’s three casinos are exempt.  The Andiamo Showroom isn’t one of the exempt venues.

Fifteen minutes into the show Kid Rock decided he was above the anti-smoking law when he lit up his cigar.   Those around him demanded he extinguish his stogy, only to be ignored.

Although Kid Rock made a lukewarm apology later, he stated he usually receives special treatment because of his celebrity.  In other words, he doesn’t have to follow rules and laws the general population must follow.   He also blamed his bad manners and law-breaking on his public intoxication and the fault of others.

Reading that Kid Rock broke the law is old news.  But the showroom was well-aware of the law and violated it by allowing the star to continue blowing smoke rings after being notified of the offense.

Click here for the story.



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