It’s a Winning Design

Quit to Win contest poster

Senior art design student Elizabeth Salinas has won the “Quit to Win” anti-smoking design contest for the Chicago Tobacco Prevention Project.  The Respiratory Health Associate of Metropolitan Chicago hosted the contest.   Her winning design premiered on the Solider Field Jumbotron during the Bears vs. Lions game on November 13, and will be featured on five billboards and multiple Chicago Transit Authority platforms across the city.  Her design also earned her a $5,000 scholarship and an iPad.

Entries for the contest were to be based on either the effects of secondhand smoke or the importance of smoke-free environments.  Salinas’ design highlights the dangers of parental secondhand smoke.  She wanted to show the effects of smoking on children because of their inability to speak for themselves.

The black and red design on a white background shows smoke intertwined with some of the effects that secondhand smoke has on children, such as asthma, ear infections, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome,  to name a few.  Her project originated as an assignment from her instructor, and was put together in a single day.  Classmates offered critiques and the design was slightly altered from the original.  She rushed to meet the deadline.

Salinas believes you can change the world with design.  And changing the minds of smokers?  “If you get at least one person to quit, you’ve made a difference. And it’s all about the way you communicated that message,” Salinas said.

Click here for the entire story.

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