Smoking By the Numbers

The 36th annual Great America Smokeout took place on November 17 and smokers and non-smokers across the United States pledged either to stub it out for a day, or not take up smoking at all.  Smokers can give you the litany of reasons why they should quit – they have heard them all.  But what about the numbers?  AOL Health provided some numbers for readers in their “193 Billion-Plus Reasons to Quit Smoking,” and we thought we would share some with you.   We added some numbers of our own.  If you are a smoker or know a smoker, here are some numbers to think about:

193,000,000,000 – This is the dollar amount (in billions) of health care costs and lost dollar signproductivity in the U.S. each year from smoking.  Families of smokers also pay for the smoker’s habit by getting sick from the effects of secondhand smoke and  thirdhand smoke, that residue that covers walls, furniture, hair, clothes and inside of cars.
12,500,000,000 – the 2006 US dollar amount (in billions) the cigarette industry spends on advertising and promotions each year that draw you in and keep you hooked, from the CDC Fact Sheet.
46,000,000+ – the number of people in the U.S. who still smoke.
34,000,000 – the amount of money the tobacco industry spends in ONE DAY to advertise (2006 figures) to keep you coming back.
3,000,000 – the number of people who quit smoking every year in the U.S.
1,423,500 – the number of underage kids who start smoking every year in the U.S.  The tobacco industry calls these the “replacement smokers.”
443,000 –  the number of people who die every year in the U.S. from tobacco-related illnesses.
49,000 – This is the number of people out of the 443,000 who die every year as a result of secondhand smoke exposure.
3,900 – This is the number of kids between the ages of 12-17 who start smoking in the U.S. every day.
3,000+ – This is the amount of money you could save in one year from quitting cigarettes.  That’s a savings of over $30,000 in 10 years.
13-14 – the number of years earlier, on average, that smokers die before nonsmokers.

1 – this is the number that it takes to make a difference.  This is you.  You are that one person who is in charge of your life and may be responsible for the lives of other family members.  You are the one person who can talk to your kids about the dangers of smoking.

450+ – this is the number of Florida educators who have signed up, so far, for the Florida Statewide Tobacco Prevention and Intervention Teacher Training Course.  Sign up is still going on.  This free, online course  is available 24/7 for teachers, guidance counselors and administrators and provides up to 60 teacher in-service credits.   You must have a current Florida DOE certificate and be able to teach six (6) lessons to students.   If everyone who signed up so far this year was able to teach just 20 students, over 9,000 students would learn about tobacco and how they can resist the pressure to start using the product.

What is your number?

For more information on the Florida course go to our site:
Click here for the entire AOL Health article.

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