Fashionable Smoke

Nothing says fashion and being fashionable like the haze of cigarette smoke surrounding a gaunt, young model in a glossy fashion magazine ad.  At least it draws the eye to the page as you flip through the magazine.  Never-mind that the cigarette may not have anything to do with what the ad is attempting to sell, it just gives the picture a certain look.  If theCartier cigarette image designer is Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, Cartier, or others, maybe it is the cigarette they are trying to sell after all.  Designers know a woman wants to appear to be in fashion, no matter the age or income level.   If you can’t afford a designer name, maybe you can settle for a box of designer cigarettes.

Versace light cigarettesThese designers sell everything from clothes, perfume, shoes, and jewelry to weddingimage for Chanel cigarettes dresses.  The Versace cigarettes, on the left, is a brand of cigarettes found in Jordan.  The Chanel cigarettes are made in the US.   If you live in Russia or Asia, the Yves Saint Laurent name may also be associated with cigarettes, designed specifically to the fashion-oriented woman, or at least those who want to appear fashionable.

YSL fashion cigarettesFashion houses use licencing agreements to lend their names to use on tobacco products.  Although other fashion designers have had products on the market, the Yves Saint Laurent brand has been the most successful.  The fashionably simple black box has the lettering style set in gold type.  The cigarette itself has the internationally recognizable YSL initials just under the filter.  YSL advertising claims a woman who smokes their brand is more attractive than a woman who doesn’t smoke at all.

While the above designer cigarettes may not be available in your area, chancesCamel No 9 cigarette image are you have seen the Camel No. 9 cigarettes.   Marketed to the female smoker in 2007, the black cigarette boxes are perfect to go with that little black dress, and the box design and name has a look similar to a popular women’s perfume. The ad describes the cigarettes as “light and luscious, “but the “light” connotation makes the cigarette seem less harmful.  Although the tobacco companies agreed not to target kids as part of their 1998 Master Settlement Agreement with state attorneys general, this brand was popular with the 12-16 year olds.  Within one year of its ad launch, 22% of girls listed Camel as their favorite cigarette ad.  Camel pulled the ads in 2008.

Young children are inundated with advertisements grabbing for their attention. Unfortunately, about 3,000 children are grabbed by the tobacco industry to replace the 1,200 smokers who die each day in the U.S. from tobacco related illnesses.  Many kids start smoking because it appears cool, but end up addicted to nicotine, unable to give up their habit.  The Florida Statewide Tobacco Prevention and Intervention Teacher Course is a way for educators to teach their students about the dangers of tobacco, from advertising to diseases.  This free, online course is available 24/7, and may provide you with up to 60 teacher in-service credits.   You must have a current Florida DOE Certificate.  Check out the site at:

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