The Cost of Smoking in Years

Go online and you can find just about anything you want on the cost of smoking.  Want to know how much your smoking addiction will cost you in dollars?  Several sites allow you Lighted cigaretteto personalize the calculations and show you how much you’ve wasted…er, spent on cigarettes.  The amount of money calculated is the amount you have spent out of your pocket for cigarettes and does not even begin to address the entire smoking picture.  Increased health and life insurance costs, resale costs on your car and house, replacing clothes and furniture, cleaning costs, it all adds up.  What about the time it takes you to actually smoke that cigarette?  How you ever figured that cost?

If you are a pack a day smoker and smoke for 15 minutes each time, you have spent 300 minutes a day smoking (20 cigarettes x 15 minutes).  Over a one year time period that equals 109,500 minutes (300 min/day x 365 days).   If you smoke for 30 years you have spent 3,285,000 minutes of your life inhaling smoke, tar and nicotine, and other chemicals (109,500 min/yr x 30 yrs).   It’s a very impressive number.

The number of minutes you smoked over your lifetime equals about 54,750 hours (3,285,000 ÷  60 min/hr).   If you divide that number by 24 hours in a day you get 2,281.25 days (54,750 ÷ 24 hr/day).  And if you take that number and divide it by the number of days in a year, it equals 6.25 years of your life that you have used for smoking.  I understand you can smoke and do other things at the same time, but over 6 years of your life used for something that is known to shorten your life even further sort of boggles the mind.

These calculations are for a pack of cigarette over a 24 hour period, and I realize most people try to get some sleep in there.  If you take out eight hours for sleep, you now have 16 hours to get all 20 cigarettes smoked.  That’s about 1.25 cigarettes per hour.  If you work for eight of those hours and are allowed to take a smoke break, you may not be able to smoke every hour.  However, if you take two smoke breaks in the morning and another two in the afternoon, at 15 minutes a break you have used up an hour at work. Most employers aren’t happy to pay for lost productivity.  It adds up quickly when multiplied by several employees.

Bottom line, you are paying for a product that has a warning label that says it could kill you.  You are paying higher premiums for insurance because of tobacco use.  You already have a shorten lifespan because you use tobacco, and you are taking more years away in order to consume a product which is known to shorten your life.

It’s a vicious cycle and only the tobacco companies win.  You can quit any time you want.  You are in control.

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