Stop Smoking Bunnies

New cigarette package designs are coming out next year to the U.S.   The FDA has chosen new graphic warning pictures to display on cigarette packages to try to persuade smokers to give it up.  If you live in New York City and ride the subway, you have already seen graphic ads of smokers with holes in their throat, and stitched-up chests from open-heart surgery caused by smoking.  One man decided to tame the graphic, screaming ads with his own ads of….bunnies.

Instead of decayed teeth, Alfred Brotter decided smiling, floppy-eared bunnies, hearts, and birds would be better at getting the anti-smoking message out.  Brotter is a Bronx-native, now living in Florida, and spent his own money to hang the cuteness in all the subway lines.  His reasoning is that these ads target a different area of the brain then the real pictures of the effects of smoking.  He believes seeing pictures of what could happen to you if you smoke turn people off.

The message is still the same.  Stop smoking.  Let’s hope the soft, fluffy bunnies win over any smokers who were turned off by the gore.  Thank you, Mr. Brotter.

Bunny Ad

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