My Reason for Using Tobacco

It’s the middle of summer and you are probably wondering what you can put on your lawn and plants that will kill those nasty bugs eating away at them.  If you are a tobacco user, look no farther.  You are using a natural pesticide every time you use tobacco.  It’s not quite as easy as lighting up and blowing the smoke on the grass, or getting a mouth full of chew and spitting.  This recipe is deadly for the bugs, and healthier for you.

First, make up a batch of “juice” using a handful of chewing tobacco in cheesecloth or an old nylon.  Place it in a gallon of hot, boiling water and let it set until the water turns dark brown, usually overnight.  Once ready, use a cup of this juice, a cup of old-fashioned lemon dish soap, and a cup of antiseptic mouthwash in a hose-end sprayer.  Fill the sprayer the rest of the way with warm water, attach to the end of the hose and spray away in the early morning or late in the evening.  This mixture can be used every 2 weeks during the summer.

The mouthwash will kill the bacteria in the soil.  The lemon-scent will repel bugs as they hate citrus products, and the soap causes it to stick to plants and lawn.  Chewing tobacco juice is nicotine which is a contact poison and an ingestion poison, and functions as a broad spectrum insecticide.  It kills bugs.  Do not leave the tobacco juice within the reach of small children or animals.  It can make them severely ill or kill them.  Do not spray this mixture on some vegetables as it will kill them.  Handle the tobacco juice carefully as it is a poison.

I’ve used this recipe on my lawn and had good results.  What amazes me is if this tobacco product is such a great poison diluted, what is it doing to you when you inhale it or put it in your mouth?

Clean Air Gardening



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