Drug Delivery System: Strips

As the smoking population ages and laws against smoking in public become more wide-spread, the tobacco industry needs to continue to find new ways of addicting new users, er….introducing new customers to their products.  R.J. Reynolds has done this by pushing into the smokeless tobacco market.  Although spokesmen for the company deny marketing to an under 18-year old population, does the girl in this advertisement look 18? The new tobacco products are flavored like candy, and the packages are more discreet than a pack of cigarettes and easier to hide.Young girl with Camel smokeless tobacco products

The last product in this smokeless tobacco series is Camel Strips which look like dissolvable breath strips.  This strip can be placed on the tongue or used like dip and placed between the cheek and gum.  Since it dissolves rapidly, the nicotine is quickly absorbed in the body increasing your heart rate and blood pressure.  According to users, the strips deliver nicotine with a fast spike but it diminishes quickly.  It dissolves completely in about 3 minutes, and there is nothing to spit out or dispose.

This product could easily be mistaken for regular breath strips in much the same way the orbs could be mistaken for tic-tacs.  Students with extra-minty breath could be getting a hit of nicotine with their fresh breath.

There are questions here that need some thought.  Is R.J. Reynolds in the tobacco industry to sell cigarettes, or are they in the business selling a highly addictive drug in a non-smoking form?  Both drug delivery systems pose health risks and addiction as both deliver nicotine.

The biggest question that needs to be answered is this: if you were told a product was laced with a drug that could kill you if enough was ingested, wouldn’t you question why the government would legally allow such a product on the market?

Ask questions.  Ask lots of questions.

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