Marketing Pleasure

I was sent an advertisement yesterday from the June 2011 issue of Maxim magazine showing a young, beautiful couple on their wedding day.  The healthy-looking, happy twosome is glowing under a shower of rose petals… complete with the Surgeon General’s Warning label and boxes of cigarettes because everyone knows menthol and marriage go hand-in-hand.  No one is holding a burning cigarette in the advertisement, yet it is clear big tobacco is reminding us that cigarettes are a special part of your life.  Tobacco companies use other subliminal reminders, such as color, to get your attention.  In this ad the bright green background matches the color of the cigarette package reminding us of their menthol product.  They show beautiful people in good health because that sells more than people dying from years of cigarette use.   Next thing you know, tobacco companies will be marketing products aimed at young children and make them taste, smell and look like candy….wait, they already do that.

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